Know us

Heav Nation is a small family owned business located on the south shore of Montreal. We specialize in natural skin care products that are both effective and affordable. Our grandmothers' recipes are at the heart of our brand, and we believe that quality ingredients don't have to be expensive. Our mission is to make luxury skincare accessible to everyone.

Heav Nation believes the cosmetics industry can and should do better. We are committed to using only easily traceable ingredients in our handmade soaps and skincare products, and we believe that luxury should not come at the expense of the environment. Our products are made with love, and we hope you enjoy every moment you spend with them!

Heav Nation is a company that cares. We make handmade soap, but also complementary skin care products such as scrubs, masks and oils. Our ambition is to produce a complete range of products to support the daily life of families, whatever their needs. Our ambition is to produce a complete range of products to support the daily life of families, no matter if they need delicacy like children or if they need to keep up with their intensive life rhythm like athletes so that our customers feel pampered and special when using our products.

Heav Nation is a brand that was created by Chloe, a passionate woman who wants to share her love for soap making with the world in an authentic way. She works hard to develop environmentally sustainable practices. She hopes that the effort we put into our products will be appreciated, as well as her commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. Thank you for choosing Heav Nation!

To contact us:

140 4th Avenue
Saint-Constant, QC
J5A 1W6

Points of sale

Dorméus Health Center
5872 Bd Léger suite 18, Montréal-Nord, QC H1G 5X5

L'ABC des Locs
4525 R. Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2L4